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20th Nov 2015

An American McDonald’s is offering this incredible Black Friday deal

Keep your HD telly, we want this!

Ben Kenyon

Black Friday is almost upon us and the whole world will be going bargain bonkers.

Get your tin hats and head for the trenches shoppers because it’s probably going to get a little crazy when those deals start dropping.

While big players from Apple to Asda are expected to be offering some ridiculous one-day-only deals, there’s one name in the pack that we really didn’t expect to see.

McDonald’s might just have won Black Friday already with a deal so good that it will be pretty hard to beat.

Apparently when you buy a $100-worth of Arch Cards (McDonald’s gift cards) Maccy’s will give you a free Big Mac or Egg McMuffin every week for a whole year. A whole f**king year.

The deal appears to be only on offer in McDonald’s outlets in Des Moines, Iowa, according to 9to5.

If McDonald’s in the UK were offering the same deal, that would be £145-worth of free Big Macs. Excuse us for a moment while we salivate over the computer.