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04th Jan 2024

All the new travel rules Brits need to know in 2024

Joseph Loftus

‘We’re all going on a… summer holiday’

Christmas is rather sadly well and truly over, but all is not as dark and miserable as January, as many are now looking forward to a summer getaway.

While some of us might’ve already started browsing for cheap flights and all inclusive hotels, there’s a lot of new rules you should bare in mind when travelling to your chosen destination.

Below, we’ve outlined some of the biggest changes which are occurring this year.

Increased tourist tax

Tourist tax in Barcelona will be increased while Valencia will be bringing in a tour tax for the first time.

Venice is also beginning to charge holiday-makers who are visiting the Italian city for the day.

Amsterdam is also on the list, hiking its tourism tax to 12.5%, which makes it the highest in Europe.

100ml liquid rule in airports

All is not bad news, as back in December 2022 the government revealed that they were upping the restriction of allowing 100ml of liquids in people’s hand luggage to up to two litres.

This is expected to come into force in all UK airports by June 2024 while London City Airport and Teeside have already implemented the change.

Passport expiry dates

While this may seem obvious, it’s worth remembering that if you’re travelling to Europe your passport expiry date must be at least three months after the intended day of departure.

If you’re travelling to the US, your passport must be valid for six months prior to departure.

This rule also applies to many other countries across the world, such as Canada, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia, and Qatar, so make sure you’re up to date.

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