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01st Jul 2023

Woman rocks up to Taylor Swift event in disguise because she called in sick to work

Steve Hopkins

It takes a lot for a Taylor Swift fan to go viral, as they do some pretty out there things.

Like wearing diapers to shows.

But one has stolen the show and won the internet after giving a TV interview this week while disguised in a fluffy pink blanket, with matching sunglasses.

The woman had to hide her identity because she had called in sick to work – so she could way some Swifty swag.

She was camped out with thousands of other diehards in downtown Cincinnati, Ohio, ahead of the grand opening of the Taylor Swift merchandise truck, which would be parked up for three days selling $75 dollar hoodies and $40 tank tops, among other items.

One journalist said they were waiting in line for 10 hours, having interviewed another person who said it was like her “Super Bowl”.

Speaking to the camera the WKRC-TV reporter told viewers: “There are two Swifties here who shall remain anonymous, who called in sick to work.

“They travelled here from Louisville, so they’ve gotten quite a drive here. They’ve been here since about 2.45 in the morning.”

Turning to one of the woman is disguise, the reported asked what Swift means to her, “she must mean a lot to you, because you’re here and you’ve called in sick”.

The woman replied: “That is very true. I almost called my daughter’s middle name Taylor, so…”

The fan went on to say she was hoping to nap a grey quarter-zip top from the merchandise truck and that she had tickets to one of Taylor’s shows this weekend.

When asked what she was looking forward to the most from the performance, the woman said: “I’m taking an 11-year-old little girl – it’s her first time. I went to the show in Nashville, so it’s more for her.”

The reporter said she’d be crossing her fingers that the fan’s work wouldn’t find out, adding: “Your secret’s safe with me! I think it’s safe with everyone else here too.”

A commenter under the post suggested they knew who the fan is. Another added: “Keep it weird, Louisville.”

Someone else said: “LMFAOOOOOOO. I just know she gon f**k around and wear that same grey quarter zip to work one day and tell on herself.”

A third added: “Most hilarious thing I’ve ever seen on the news!”

Taylor’s 52-date tour kicked off in March and ends August.

Taylor hasn’t toured her previous three albums, so the concert is billed as a bit of a catch-up for fans as she will play songs from all 10 albums.

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