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02nd Jun 2023

Taylor Swift fans are wearing adult diapers so they don’t miss any songs during three-hour concert

Steve Hopkins

‘The diaper rash and trench foot was worth this moment of Taylor looking right at us’

It seems we’ve entered a new era of fandom – where adults put on diapers so a bathroom break doesn’t mean they’ll miss a single moment of a live performance.

That’s what some Taylor Swift fans are doing during her Eras Tour.

Having battled to secure tickets to the 52-date tour, which kicked off in March and ends August, Swifties aren’t taking any chances.

Taylor hasn’t toured her previous three albums, so the concert is billed as a bit of a catch-up for fans, and they clearly don’t wanna miss a single song in the three-hour-set.

A toilet break, given the lines, can cost three or more.

And with 10 albums to choose from, Taylor could sing a couple of her best bangers before fans fight their way back to their seats.

Taylor fans have taken to TikTok to show off their timesaving, concertgoing undergarments.

One woman said: “The amount of stress and time it took me to get Taylor Swift tickets, I will be getting an adult diaper because I am not missing a minute of it.”

Another revealed how she struggled to get a diaper on underneath her gold dress.

While another fan showed herself at the concert saying, “No one knows I’m wearing a diaper for this”.

One who attended one of Taylor’s shows in the pouring rain added a caption to her video that said: “The diaper rash and trench foot was worth this moment of Taylor looking right at us.”

Fans not ready for that level of commitment are sharing their Era Tour “bathroom break songs” on Reddit.

Others have also shared what they can’t remember. Apparently, Taylor-endured amnesia is also now a thing.

Jenna Tocatlian from New York claimed to have experienced it, telling TIME that “post-concert amnesia is real”.

Taylor added a “surprise song” to the performance the 25-year-old attended.

She sang ‘Better Man’, and Tocatlian would have no idea it even happened if it wasn’t for a friend who captured it on camera.

leaving the stadium, Tocatlian started listening to Taylor’s hits on her phone and quizzing her mates on what songs she performed. She revealed she was asking questions like: “Did she really play that? How much of it did she play?”

Others quoted in the TIME article said it was like they didn’t even attend the concert because of how big the memory gap was.

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