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26th Aug 2023

Paul McCartney poses on Abbey Road crossing – car refuses to stop for him

Charlie Herbert

Paul McCartney poses on Abbey Road crossing

Not even stopping for Sir Paul

Sir Paul McCartney had a close shave with car whilst he was posing on the iconic Abbey Road zebra crossing as part of a new documentary.

Now, I’m sure residents in the area are fed up of, are fed up of people coming from far and wide to pose on the crossing, which famously featured on the album cover for the 1969 Beatles album Abbey Road.

But surely you’d cut Sir Paul a bit of slack?

Well this motorist didn’t, and wasn’t waiting for anyone.

McCartney was filming at Abbey Road as part of his daughter’s recent documentary If These Walls Could Sing.

The film dropped on Disney+ on January 6 and is said to be the “untold story of Abbey Road studio”, comprising interviews and backstage access to the premises.

In one part, Mary gets her dad to stand on the zebra crossing to recreate the Fab Four’s iconic album cover.

But he had to take evasive action as he posed, only realising with seconds to spare that a car was approaching at speed – and wasn’t going to stop.

Thankfully, no harm was done, and Paul was left laughing.

Speaking to S Magazine about the incident, Mary said: “The bit where the car nearly ran him over on the zebra crossing, that was so funny.

“As we were leaving [the studio], I said, ‘I’ll film you [on the crossing],’ and he went over and this car totally didn’t stop for him!”

Wouldn’t expect anything else in London, to be fair.

Sharing their thoughts on the near miss, one person said: “Cant believe someone nearly ran over Macca how could they”

Another commented: “How did the driver not see him, it’s not as though the road is long and winding or anything”

A third wrote: “McCartney must be the most chill guy in the world! Most people would be pissed as hell to have an oblivious driver almost hit them while blowing through a crosswalk!”

Other’s pointed out that, putting the famous pedestrian’s identity to one side, the motorist had broken the Highway Code by not stopping for a pedestrian on a zebra crossing.

If These Walls Could Sing is available to stream on Disney+ in the UK and Ireland.

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