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20th Aug 2018

Liam Gallagher goes to the pub with fans, eats roast, drinks Guinness, as you were

Kyle Picknell

The day after playing to 50,000 people

Liam Gallagher, who you don’t need me to explain to you in this little clause midway through the sentence because he is Liam Gallagher, went to a pub on Sunday, as a lot of people do. Liam Gallagher. At the pub. Big LG down at the boozer. Incredible.

He did so for a Sunday lunch, again, as many of us do. Completely normal behaviour.

The difference is, when Liam Gallagher does it, it’s kind of a big deal for all the other folks in the pub trying to chow down on some Yorkshire Puds, a large slab of lamb and exactly four pints of Stella Artois.

He had played to 50,000 people at a sold-out Old Trafford cricket ground the night before, as it happens – his biggest solo show to date. Most of the pub goers were at the show. So yeah, they were pleased. They were pretty pleased to see him.

The Crown/Facebook

The Crown (also known as The Croner Pin) is located in Butt Lane, Stoke-on-Trent, and was recommended to the legendary frontman by a member of his security staff.

At the pub, he enjoyed a roast and a Guinness or two, and apparently had time for everyone and was happy to chat with fans.

Dave Lovatt, who lives above the pub, said: “It was a crazy couple of hours, just not what anyone expects from a regular Sunday, to see Liam Gallagher come in and ask for a Sunday lunch.

“Before he’d even come in and ordered he was stopping to take photos with people, and talking to them – he was just really down to earth and answered any question people had.

The Crown/Facebook

“It was surreal because about 80 per cent of people in the pub were Gallagher and Oasis fans and had been to the show the night before”, Lovatt added.

So there you have it: man goes to pub, eats a roast, asks for “no logo on the foam, please” and a good time was had by all.

Lovely. Lovely stuff. Great. Fantastic. Fair play to him. But why is he dressed for some semi-competitive bass fishing?