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26th Oct 2023

Woman who’s undergone huge lip injections says it’s difficult to eat and drink

Woman who's undergone huge lip injections says it's difficult to eat and drink

She has said that getting even more lip injections is her ‘biggest dream’

A woman who can probably stake a good claim to having some of the biggest lips in the world has revealed what some of the downsides are.

Vienna Würstel has had roughly 30ml of filler injected into her lips, and her followers on TikTok understandably have had plenty of questions for her.

In a recent video, she admitted that eating and drinking can be pretty tricky with a mouth like hers.

Taking a bite out of some chocolate, she said: “It’s quite hard. Eating goes quite well if you eat something soft.

“But drinking is [harder] than that.”

Demonstrating this, she then took a sip from a glass and said: “So you can see a droplet got out. But I have to be honest; I could now play the ‘huge lips, I’m so disabled [because of] my lips’ card, but I have these lips and I had to adapt to the changing world I have.

“I’m getting better with every practice.”

Despite the difficulties posed by her surgery in her everyday life, Vienna has a number of plans for further cosmetic procedures.

In the coming months, she wants to have Botox, more lip and cheek filler, a nose job and getting her breasts done.

Some concerned followers asked Vienna whether she was going to ethical practitioners for her lip fillers.

She assured her followers that all the plastic surgeons she goes to are “highly qualified.”

She added: “If they weren’t, they couldn’t achieve these lip sizes, so yes, I’m safe.

“I really really wish for even bigger lips and I can’t wait for that. It’s like my biggest dream right now.”

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