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24th Oct 2023

Adam Collard breaks silence on how he managed to bag his first date with Laura Woods

Callum Boyle

Adam Collard Laura Woods

‘It’s hard to meet people, isn’t it?’

Former Love Island star Adam Collard has revealed how he managed to secure his first date with sports presenter Laura Woods.

Collard and Woods’ relationship was revealed to the public recently, with Woods confessing that she had posted a video of the couple together that was meant for close friends only before swiftly deleting.

As for Collard, he shared a more discrete snap of the pair but many on social media were able to guess who it was.

Now, speaking to the media for the first time, Collard has revealed how the pair first met and how the early stages of their relationship is going.

Credit: Instagram

He told The Sun: “The first time we met – I’ll hold my hands up – I did DM her first and got a reply but then nothing ever happened. 

“Then she called us out for basically leaving her on read.

“I’m from Newcastle and eventually we met up, and then went on a very undercover date, and obviously what comes out in the press, comes out in the press, but it’s not always the full story

“I’m kind of glad in a way as well, as I feel like there’s an element of having to hide too much now.”

While it is still early days, the ex-Love Island contestant admitted that their relationship is getting more “serious”

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