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07th Jun 2023

Woman ditches fruit and veg for diet of only raw meat

Charlie Herbert

Woman eats raw meat diet

She thinks vegetables contain ‘anti-nutrients’

A woman claims she has lost five stone and feels better than ever after ditching her fruit and veg for a diet of raw meat and offal.

India Castley completely stopped eating vegetables in last summer and has been eating uncooked meats for around a year now.

She claims that the diet helped her lose weight – from 15 to 10st -, cured her acne, and even eased her depression and stomach problems.

The 19-year-old from Southport in Merseyside used to follow a normal diet where she made sure to eat a lot of vegetables.

But she says this made her feel “terrible”.

So she took the drastic decision to stop eating all fruit and vegetables, claiming they contain anti-nutrients – substances which reduce the body’s ability to absorb nutrients – and irritants.

India has vowed never to eat plant-based food again (SWNS)

She now eats a diet of raw meat, bone marrow, eggs and raw dairy.

India said: “What I eat in a day varies from day to day and people think that it’s quite boring and restrictive but once you get into it, you will never want to stop.

“For breakfast I tend to have raw steak with a bit of raw liver and my raw dairy.

“For a snack I have beef liver crisps or heart crisps. This is rare I try not to snack unless I am very hungry.

“This changes day to day. I could have liver or kidney. I do also enjoy boiled eggs or raw eggs. Cheese and milk is a must for me too.

“Homemade bone broth too! It’s a good source of electrolytes. I do not touch vegetables due to the anti-nutrients and irritants.”

Her weekly food shop of steaks, eggs and dairy comes to approximately £150.

Along with her weight loss and her acne clearing up, India says the clearest benefit she has experienced is her mood.

She says her diet of raw meat and raw dairy has led to her losing wait, her acne clearing up and an marked improvement in her mental health (SWNS)

She said: “My friends and family say they don’t even recognise me anymore, in the best way possible that is.

“I have motivation for everything. Before carnivore I could barely get out of bed.

“I was always anxiety riddled. I was a very angry, short-tempered person but this was due to my bad diet causing me to have leaky gut.

“Your gut is essentially your first brain. If you are damaging it you won’t be feeling very good as much as you should be.

“I don’t get tired randomly. I don’t have mood swings. I feel good. I look good. Life is good.”

It goes without saying that this diet is not recommended by doctors or nutritionists, as it lacks fibre and antioxidants and is high in fat and cholesterol.

And India never consulted a professional before switching to her extreme diet, saying: “Why would I consult a doctor when I’m getting happier?

“You wouldn’t consult a doctor when you go out and drink yourself to the gutter, or order from a dodgy take away.”

But she’s vowed to never touch plant-based food again.

She regularly posts on social media about her unique diet, and says she’s received a lot of hate from people who says it’s unhealthy.

One comment read: “Gonna have a heart attack or worms in a few years, I can’t wait.”

Another said: “This can make you blind, google it.”

She would ‘100%’ recommend her diet to anyone, even though the vast majority of health professionals agree it is unhealthy and can be dangerous (SWNS)

In response to the negative comments, India said: “People do judge me for my diet.

“I’ve even had death threats due to it, which is not fair at all as I’m promoting it to help people heal.

“When I first heard about carnivore I was skeptical, but then of course I tried it and I was in fact in shock at how much it impacted my life.”

She said she would recommend the diet to anyone and that the results speak for themselves.

“I 100% recommend everyone to try it at least once in their life and fair enough if it doesn’t work for you, but I can guarantee it will help most,” she said.

“Too many people are on antidepressants, overweight or have autoimmune diseases due to their bad diet and toxins.

“People think tablets are the answers to all our problems but I do strongly disagree.”

For clarity, not only is a diet of raw meat unhealthy, it can be dangerous. This is because untreated raw red meat carries a multitude of bacteria and parasites.

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