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21st Jun 2017

Watch: Heroic Ed Miliband attempts to sing death-metal live on the radio

'The best thing I've seen today'

Simon Lloyd

Nothing to see here, just the former leader of the Labour Party attempting to sing a bit of death-metal…

As those of us that follow the man on Twitter will testify, Wednesday was set to be exciting day for Ed Miliband.

While some of his former political colleagues gathered for the Queen’s speech over at Westminster, Ed was continuing his temporary stint as a Radio Two deejay.

Stepping in for Jeremy Vine to man the 12-2pm slot, a tweet sent by Ed on Wednesday morning made it clear that he was particularly looking forward to meeting Napalm Death, who were appearing on his show.

Sure enough, Ed savoured every moment. Especially the bit where he attempted to emulate their vocals. We could waste a few more lines telling you all about it but in truth, it’s best you just watch the video. Here, go on:

You can probably guess how this went down…

Whereas he might not have been ‘throaty’ enough for Napalm Death’s liking, it’s clear his efforts made a big impression on those listening (and watching).

Unfortunately, it seems that this one glorious attempt at a scream might be the end of Ed’s venture into death-metal. A tweet from the man appeared to confirm as much.


Ed Miliband