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24th Nov 2021

Correction: Ed Miliband tells PoliticsJOE “I DO really like Taylor Swift”

Ava Evans

The Shadow Business and Energy Secretary joined PoliticsJOE for a discussion of his favourite Miliband moments

Chaos ensued with Ed Miliband after the Shadow Secretary of State for Business and Energy joined PoliticsJOE on a Twitter space.

The team orchestrated a 3-hour coup on Twitter, hoping to secure the former Labour Leader, who arrived in a record 4 minutes.

While out canvassing ahead of the Old Bexley and Sidcup by-election, Ed joined PoliticsJOE’s plea for an interview and graciously took questions from the floor.

The team had been discussing their favourite Miliband moment: from bacon sandwich to whether he really is “tuss enough.”

Keeping with the theme of the space, the Labour MP told the audience his best moment he’d had was “probably being born” before clarifying that noise from a nearby barking dog had not come from his own mouth.

Fresh from Prime Minister’s Questions, the Labour MP told PoliticsJOE the last few weeks in politics had proved the public was starting to acknowledge cracks in the Prime Minister.

Speaking about Johnson’s speech to the CBI on Monday Miliband said: “The idea that Johnson is just a chancer and no one cares… it was always dangerous to say that”, but his broken “promises made to the north of England” after last week’s dismal transport announcements show the prime minister’s true colours.

Taking a question from Jewish Chronicle’s Josh Kaplan, Miliband said he planned to celebrate Hanukkah but admitted Labour still had work to do with the Jewish community following previous allegations of antisemitism.

He added “Keir has grasped the scale of what we need to do” and said he had total faith in the current Labour leader.

Asked his thoughts on Taylor Swift regaining ownership of her old music by re-recording previous albums, it was originally though Ed Miliband said “I don’t really like Taylor Swift”, but it was later confirmed Ed had been subject to a dodgy line and he does in fact like the pop sensation.

He added if Swift was experiencing difficulties with control over her music it must be terrible for smaller artists.

Miliband finished the interview graciously with “If I was Prime Minister I’d still be talking to PoliticsJOE”.

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