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03rd Jan 2017

VIDEO: Truly shocking footage of a road rage incident in Ireland (Warning: contains violence)

This turned seriously ugly

Tony Cuddihy

An astonishing example of road rage in Dublin.

Two motorists became embroiled in a violent road rage incident in the Irish capital on Monday.

Filmed from the dashboard of Jason Murphy – who has given us permission to use the footage – this shows him and a stranger arguing while driving before things turn nasty.

The driver of the other car pulls over and confronts Jason, before pulling him out of his car and landing several punches on him.

Jason fights back and manages to subdue the stranger before onlookers and a plain clothes Garda arrive on the scene and intervene.

Cut to 2:06 for the start of the incident.

This video has no sound, and while the time on the video says 2015 it was filmed on Monday, 2 January 2017. 

Credit: Jason Murphy/ViralVideoUK’s Deputy Editor Mikey Stafford happened to be close by at the time of the incident and revealed that the two men were shouting at each other for at least 30 seconds before things turned nasty.


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