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02nd Feb 2022

Shocking footage shows moment driver shoots passing vehicle in road rage encounter

Danny Jones

Florida driver shoots passing car

The footage defies belief

In a truly unbelievable piece of footage, a Florida driver shoots a passing car in an act of intense road rage.

Eric Popper, 30, was driving on the I-95 in Miami, Florida in June 2021 when he was deemed to have cut off another driver – one Rene Suarez – before preceding to “abruptly” change lanes during a busy morning commute.

After Suarez honks his horn and Popper yells “f*** off” to himself, he then proceeds to lash out by suddenly braking hard, nearly causing the car to run into the back of him.

The trailing car then proceeded to tailgate Popper for a period and ultimately throw something at his car.

What the dashcam footage captures next is quite staggering:

As you can see, the driver is already taking out his gun prior to Suarez throwing an unidentifiable object out of his window at Popper’s car. As Suarez moves to pass the black Toyota Venza SUV, Popper fires off a total of 11 shots from inside his own car, sinking back into his seat as shards of shattered glass ricochet into the cabin.

The most unbelievably part about the entire confrontation is that Popper then pulls over and calmly lies to police: “I was just shot at. My car was hit, I returned fire back at the individual.”

Former Miami police chief Jorge Colina told NBC 6: “The average person just doesn’t say, ‘let me prepare my firearm, let me back my seat up, let me give myself a little bit of space’.”

Despite a clear disregard for his own safety and the safety of many others on the busy east coast interstate, Popper himself is believed to work for the Miami Beach Fire Department as a Fire Protection Analyst.

Not only does the affidavit state that Popper allegedly caused the altercation by cutting off the other driver but the official criminal complaint confirmed that Suarez was not armed.

While Suarez has been charged with criminal mischief for throwing an object – now thought to be nothing more than a water bottle – which was caught on a nearby bus’s camera, Popper is facing “aggravated assault charges with a deadly weapon with intent to commit a felony”, as well as “shooting into a vehicle.”

Both drivers are pleading not guilty and Popper is claiming self-defence, despite attempting a drive-by shooting. His hearing is set for April and he found guilty, he could face 15 years in prison.

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