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13th Nov 2015

There’s an app to block the Kardashian’s from your timeline and the world rejoices

This creator deserves to be a millionaire

Paul Moore

This man deserves to be a millionaire.

The Kardashian’s are people. People like reading about them because they’re famous. Apart from wealth and sextapes, many have been left with no idea as to why they’re famous.

The world owes 21-year-old British James Shams a massive round of applause because his KardBlock extension promises to block all things related to Kim, Kanye, Kris, Kendall, Khloe, Kourtney, Kylie, Klancy, Krusty and Krimpy from your newsfeed.

The app already has 20,000 subscribers and it’s free to download from the Google’s Chrome store. If anything deserves to break the internet (whatever that means) it’s this app.

If KardBlock works then we have no problem in saying that James Shams is the greatest man alive.