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13th May 2022

Chaos as social media star nearly burns kitchen down during online marathon

Danny Jones

Twitch streamer nearly burns kitchen down

An extremely stressful and anxiety-inducing watch

Prepare to watch through your fingers as a Twitch streamer nearly burns down her kitchen live on the internet.

This should serve as a stark reminder not only to be careful when cooking but maybe to re-familiarise yourself with how to put out different types of fires too.

Kjanecaron, real name Kelly Jane, describes herself as a streamer who “spends most of [her] time building legos in a bikini and dancing in public” however there was certainly nothing to dance about in this instance.

Though the majority of her content revolves around vlogging and the ‘just chatting’ genre famed on the platform, Jane occasionally cooks for her viewers. However, during a marathon stream on Wednesday, things went wrong very quickly – making for a genuinely distressful watch:

As you can see in the minute-long clip taken from her ‘subathon’ – a type of stream where creators only stay live so long as people donate to the channel – Jane seems pretty nonchalant and nonplussed about the level of smoke rising from the pan as a piece of meat continues to sear on the hob.

However, after removing the food from the pan and turning to face the camera, waving her arm about as the room fills with even more smoke, she soon clocks that the pan has caught fire and begins to panic.

Spinning around to the opposite counter, her instincts tell her to drop the pan in the sink – but all that does is react with the water and cause the grease to spray in the air; she even risks other areas catching ablaze as she then pulls it back out and back on to the hob, which also catches fire.

Shouting a number of expletives and clearly afraid, she admits “I don’t know what to do” and doesn’t have a fire extinguisher to hand. With this in mind, she simply resorts to shouting for help at the top of her lungs as the pan and hob continue to burn and the fire alarm rings throughout the apartment.

Eventually, the fire dies down – but Kjanecaron was lucky that it burned out on its own. For more information on how to put kitchen fires out, see resources like Fire Safe’s simple instructions. You can also watch this video demonstration down below:

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