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25th Dec 2022

More than half of British adults have sex on Christmas day

Kieran Galpin


Who’s shimmying down the chimney?

As the sun rises and kids begin hurriedly unwrapping presents and eating way too much chocolate before 9am, you’ll be glad to know that parents are having just as much fun – with 51 per cent of Brits are getting jiggy with it on the big day.

A spike in babies every September shows that people are doing the deed around Christmas time.

After a midwife posted about the phenomenon in 2017, author Tracy Bloom conducted some research. Through her poll, she discovered that not only are 51 per cent of adults stuffing their stockings but 48 per cent of them are doing it with young kids in the house.

Bloom said: “When I wrote my number 1 bestseller No-One Ever Has Sex On A Tuesday I did a similar poll and indeed it did turned out that Tuesday was the least popular day of the week to have sex.

“When I chose to write a comedy about the chaos of family life around Christmas I never dreamed that sex was on the Christmas gift list for many couples.

“I wish I’d have asked how on earth they found the time – before or after the Brussels sprouts!”

But sex on December 25 shouldn’t come as an enormous surprise, as when you think of it, Christmas is an incredibly horny season.

For one, everything is red. Psychologically speaking, red draws out lustful thoughts, especially for men, where it is said to “evoke a primal sexual response.”

Secondly, there is a reason there are so many sexy Christmas costumes. It’s supply and demand, people, so let’s stop pretending that we aren’t all basting our turkey’s come lunchtime.

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