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14th Dec 2021

Grandma blasted for buying grandkids matching Christmas PJs except son’s step-child

Charlie Herbert

Grandma gets matching Christmas PJs for grandkids except one

‘This is a reason some mother-in-laws aren’t welcomed around’

A grandma has sparked outrage online after buying matching Christmas pyjamas for all of her grandkids – except her son’s step-child.

A picture of the woman’s six grandchildren has gone viral online, showing them all sitting cross-legged in front of the Christmas tree.

Five of them are wearing their matching Christmas PJs, with the sixth child, who is her daughter-in-law’s child from a previous relationship, wearing a completely different set of pyjamas and seemingly left out.

The picture was initially shared on a local Facebook group with the caption: “Some people out there with no heart.

“A friend of mine is married. Mother in law bought matching PJ’s for all kids EXCEPT the one that doesn’t belong to her son. Is she wrong?”

Many were shocked by the woman’s actions.

One person said: “Those PJ’s would’ve left right along with her. Honey don’t single one child out and treat them any different than my other children because at this point I’m gonna feel like you don’t like me or my child.

“Either way, it’s a problem for me. It’s five other children you purchased PJ’s for you mean to tell me one more PJ set was gonna hurt your pocket?

“If so she should have purchased something for all the children to enjoy. This is a reason some mother-in-law’s aren’t welcomed around.”

Another wrote: “DEAD WRONG!!!!!!!!”

A third commented: “Not only is she wrong, but the one(s) who went through with this foolery by having them put on the pyjamas, take the picture, and post the picture. You all are complicit!”

A fourth said: “How could you treat a child different to any other child, cruel and totally unacceptable. For me it’s all or none”

However others were quick to defend the grandmother, as one person said: “At the end of the day it’s her choice.

“I wouldn’t say I agree nor disagree as this happens a lot these days and people have their own way which some will see as wrong and others won’t.”

Another wrote: “It’s not her responsibility to care or show love to grandkids she doesn’t accept as her own.”

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