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06th Apr 2017

Science says there’s a simple way you can feel less tired during and after work

Handy tip...

Alan Loughnane

Worth a go.

Are often tired in work? And your evenings often consist of you passing out on the couch for a well-deserved power nap?

According to a study by the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology, there’s a simple way you can feel less tired in work, and more energetic when you come home in the evenings.

The answer is simple, during your lunchtime, go for a leisurely walk for 15 minutes.

Researchers surveyed 100 people who work in a variety of fields about their lunch time habits and then they made them change their lunchtime habits for ten days in a row to see the effects.

Half of them were told to take a stroll through a nearby urban park and told to focus on their natural surroundings. The other half were made to complete a series of relaxation exercises, which included breathing exercises and mindfulness techniques.

Each group did this for 15 minutes after they had eaten a quick lunch.

Both groups noticed improvements in their productivity and said that they concentrated better following their break, but people enjoyed their breaks more when they went for walks in the park. This led to a direct improvement in concentration and an absence of fatigue.

While some may claim that their working day is too busy to take a 15 minute walk during their day, lead author of the study Marjaana Sianoja, a psychology researcher at the University of Tampere, said in an email to TIME that the benefits will outweigh the time you take off.

“These types of activities might have potential in maintaining productivity throughout the working day,” she said, meaning that you will have better efficiency throughout your day.

It’s certainly worth a try…

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