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18th Apr 2024

Dad praised for refusing to walk daughter down the aisle until she invites LGBTQ+ siblings

Ryan Price

‘I will not be walking her down the aisle and will pull out from paying for her wedding.’

A father whose daughter is about to get married has been commended online for refusing to attend the ceremony unless the bride agrees to invite her LGBTQ+ siblings.

In a post on Reddit, the 56-year-old father of five explained the predicament that he found himself in, and asked members of the public whether or not his stance made him an asshole.

He gave fake names for each of his children, and explained that the story centred around three of them in particular – Casey (26), Alex (31) and Tom (34).

The Dad explained: “My daughter Casey is getting married this winter to her fiancé Max who she has been together with for about 4 years. I am covering the majority of the wedding expenses as Max’s family lives in a different country and with the currency exchange rate they won’t be able to afford the wedding and both come to the wedding. I have no issues with it and just want my little girl to be happy.

“Last week while Casey was away, my children Alex and Tom came to visit with their families and we were talking about wedding invitations. I was surprised to hear that they haven’t received their wedding invitations, so I just thought that Casey haven’t sent them out yet for everyone, until my oldest and youngest daughters pointed out they have received their invitations with their kids and partners invited.”

He added: “I called my sister who also said Casey has invited their whole family to the wedding too and she received hers a while back, so immediately I saw red. Both Alex and Tom have husbands and have children (adopted) and it seemed Casey has excluded them because of their choices. It also seemed weird since Casey has always been close to them and supported them when they came out as non binary and gay respectively.”

If you’re not already on the side of this disgruntled Dad, you probably never will be. Excluding your siblings from your wedding because of their gender and sexual preferences is pretty cold-hearted and ruthless.

“I have called Casey and demanded an explanation,” he continued. “My daughter said that Max and his family don’t feel comfortable with couples that are not traditional and it goes against their culture and that she hopes for my understanding. I have told her if that’s the case I will not be walking her down the aisle and pull out from paying for her wedding, as she can not exclude her family like this when they did nothing wrong and if her future-in-laws opinion is so important to her, they can pay for the wedding. As a result Casey has called me an asshole and hanged up crying. My children are on my side, my wife is torn as she understands where Casey comes from but agrees she shouldn’t have excluded her siblings like this.”

The post was submitted to the popular Am I The Asshole subreddit, the response was profoundly in support of the Dad, with some users describing Casey as a “bigot” and “scummy”.

One comment read: “Casey can be bigoted on her own dime. I would never put my money into an event that discriminated against two of my kids like this. I also think it’s pretty scummy that she didn’t even have the guts to tell Alex and Tom they were being excluded.”

Another wrote: “It’s always surprising to me that people can make bigoted choices and then expect ‘understanding’ from the people around them. I’m non-binary myself and thank you for supporting all of your children; two by backing up their identities and refusing to let them be discriminated against on your dime, and one by setting firm boundaries and letting her know there are real-world consequences for choosing to be a bigot”.

One person suggested a very extreme comeuppance for Casey. They wrote: “Literally I’d go confiscate every last thing I paid for, right down to the dress and veil.”

Scrolling down through the 1.5k comments, it’s very difficult to find a single one in defence of Casey. It’s just endless praise for the Dad and unrelenting scolding for the narrow-minded daughter.

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