Prince William and Kate give perfect response to Prince Louis' behaviour at Jubilee 2 months ago

Prince William and Kate give perfect response to Prince Louis' behaviour at Jubilee

Fair play to the little lad, he made the best of a boring day

After four-year-old Prince Louis effectively stole the show at the Queen's long Platinum Jubilee last week, people have been debating whether his behaviour was bratty or perfectly normal for a kid forced to sit still for hours on end.


Even Supernanny herself,  Jo Frost, weighed in on the situation, particularly pointing out Princess Kate Middleton's reaction to the cheeky chappy's antics throughout the long bank holiday weekend, but now the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge themselves have weighed on the debate. Well, as much as they need to, anyway.

Posting a thread from their official Twitter account, the royals second in line to the throne thanked the general public for helping mark the celebration of the Queen's 70 years on the throne, they also went on to add that they had an "incredible time" - some more than others...


Sometimes a picture says a thousand words and this snap of the little prince walking away with his hands on his hips sums up his entire performance, as it were.


Not that it needed justifying to begin with, but the couple simply quipped that Louis - the youngest of the three children after eight-year-old Prince George and seven-year-old Princess Charlotte - has an "especially" fun time enjoying the festivities. Those watching at home certainly seemed to as well.


Say what you will about naughty kids and parenting, sometimes all you need to do is acknowledge that kids aren't going to behave all the time, especially at such a young age.

Moreover, pulling a few faces and having a little strop now and again is normal for any child, let alone one forced to sit through hours of old-world pageantry that makes no sense to him whatsoever. And anyway, there's a difference between being naughty and being cheeky - this little lad fell firmly on the right side of that line and general public absolutely loved it:


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