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06th Jun 2022

People are rushing to defend Prince Louis’ behaviour after Kate Middleton struggles at Jubilee

Kieran Galpin

The four-year-old scene-stealer

Despite the Jubilee weekend wrapping up yesterday, royal fans and critics alike are still talking about Prince Louis and his behaviour at the Royal Pageant.

The four-year-old Prince, the youngest of his three siblings after Prince George and Princess Charlotte, was pictured alongside his particularly flustered mum, Kate Middleton.

From blowing raspberries to seemingly refusing to sit still, Louis behaved as most kids would at such a long event.

His antics drew criticism from some who dubbed him a “brat” while also paying tribute to a “resilient” Kate, as those who lap up everything Royal – including a handful of newspapers – dubbed the little Prince “adorable” for his playful display.

Former US Press Secretary Jen Psaki even joined the teasing, tweeting: “as a parent of a four year old not in line to the throne. Prince Louis we see you and we understand you.”

On Brit commented: “Prince Louis is being a little brat. Which four year olds sometimes are,” while another quipped, “All that money and access to some of the alleged best schools in England and the royals still don’t know how to teach their children to behave in public.”

Bratty or not, there’s arguably nothing more iconic than a young Royal showing up their seniors.

Many have also spoken on the stark difference between how Kate Middleton is reported on compared to Meghan Markle.

“The point, however, is that had it been Harry & Meghan’s child, she would have been pilloried, parenting & Netflix blamed & African genes thrown in for good measure,” wrote former Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal.

Another user wrote: “Can you imagine what white wing media would’ve said? They would’ve branded Meghan the worst mother in the world.”

“Meghan Markle would be damned to hell if Archie did this,” wrote political rights activist and authro Dr Shola Mos-Shogbamimu. “No doubt Media would claim his ‘Black’ ancestry makes him ill-behaved & remind all that they descended from ‘cotton slaves’.”

She added: “None would think it ‘cute’ ‘funny’ or give her parenting the benefit of doubt as they have Kate.”

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