Brits have mixed opinions over how Prince Charles addresses his 'mummy' 2 months ago

Brits have mixed opinions over how Prince Charles addresses his 'mummy'

Does Charles call the Queen' mummy' day-to-day?

Prince Charles has divided the internet and the great British public after referring to his mother, the Queen of England, as "mummy."


Addressing literally millions of people across the globe on June 5, the 73-year-old Prince of Wales chose his words carefully. More so, his speech was presumably read by various experts and officials before he took the stage.

So, it begs the question: why did he go with the term "mummy?"

"Your Majesty, Mummy. You have met us, you have talked with us. You laugh and cry with us, and most importantly you have been there with us for these 70 years," he said. "You pledged to serve your whole life, and you continue to deliver. That is why we are here. that is what we celebrate tonight. These pictures on your house are the story of your life and ours."


In a tweet signed by himself and the Duchess of Cornwall, Camilla, Charles doubled down on the term.

"Your Majesty, Mummy, The scale of this evening's celebration - and the outpouring of warmth and affection over this whole Jubilee weekend - is our way of saying thank you - from your family, the country, the Commonwealth, in fact the whole world," he wrote.


His choice of words has led many to question the cut-off age for calling your mother 'mummy' - but this isn't the first time Charles has used the term and in fact, he has seemingly called the Queen "mummy" at just about every other Royal celebration.

Reacting to the moment, one Twitter user wrote: "Prince Charles saying 'Mummy' has ruined my year actually."


Another said: "Aw GAWD Prince Charles get some NEW MATERIAL!!! EVERY speech opens with "your majesty... mummy......." I truly can't bear it."

Some social media users are seemingly able to look past the word choice, as one wrote: "Touching speech. Loved every second of it."

"Wow such Emotional words for our Queen," another said.

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