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07th Jun 2022

Supernanny weighs in on Kate’s reaction to cheeky Prince Louis

Simon Bland

The Supernanny has spoken

It’s safe to say that little Prince Louis stole the show during this weekend’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations, with many on social media offering their thoughts and reactions to his wild antics whilst he was watching the various events unfold.

As his mother, the Duchess of Cambridge, attempted to get her youngest child to sit still and watch the various spectacles brought to life in celebration of the Queen’s 70th year on the throne, her four-year-old child seemed full of hand gestures, funny faces and fidgets.

His reactions delighted many watching at home – and now the Supernanny herself, Jo Frost, has offered her thoughts on the young Royal’s behaviour.

Commenting on an Instagram post from People magazine which showed Prince George and Princess Charlotte’s younger brother wag his finger at mum Kate in a defiant ‘no’ gesture, parenting guru Frost commented, saying: “Love how mum is addressing in public prince Louis needing to listen up and do as his told.”

The star of the eponymous parenting show – known for its star’s ability to offer guidance to those struggling with unruly kids – accompanied her comments with three heart-eyed face emojis.


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Fellow Instagram users wasted no time in commenting on Frost’s thoughts, with many praising her comments which appear to be supporting the Duchess’s valiant efforts at attempting to keep her young child calm during such a long, televised event.

“well said. About time people realise that for more than 1h of this and it’s torture for those todlers,” offered one user.

Another added: “yep, she’s one tough loving, badass momma and he WILL be loved up and corralled into the required behaviour. Very lucky, loved up children.”

Some also sympathised with the pint-sized Prince having to endure what must have been a long and tedious event for any four-year-old to endure.

“really he wants to be running around, kicking a ball, playing with a sandpit but is being forced to watch boring soldiers march and listening to very loud planes. 4 days is a long time to expect a child to go through all that.

“Royalty or not he is just a child, a little boy who will need stimuli just like your normal child would,” said one.

“he’s been listening and doing as he’s told for days! He’s a 4 year old, not a prop!!!” posted a third.

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