Prince Harry and Meghan 'ban' prominent royal family member from their wedding 2 years ago

Prince Harry and Meghan 'ban' prominent royal family member from their wedding

Weddings, aye, there's always politics to it.

As much as you might not like that cousin or auntie you barely see, it's pretty much a given that when you tie the knot, you're going to have to invite them to your wedding, isn't it?

I mean in an ideal world, a wedding for most of us would probably just involve mum, dad, a few friends and a big bag of cans. But it's not just about you is it, you have to keep people happy.

So fair play to Prince Harry and Meghan who have reportedly taken the brutal step of snubbing a prominent royal from their marriage - despite there being 600 guests in total expected when they wed in May.

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Prince Andrew's former wife is apparently a fairly divisive figure in the royal family which had led to her being snubbed, according to The Sun.

And an insider told the Sun on Sunday: "The Duchess of York is not invited to Harry’s wedding.

"The invites are being sent out this week and she’s not on the list."

Given that she will be at her daughter Princess Eugenie's wedding in October it's a particular savage move, as there will be a huge amount of crossover of people attending the two ceremonies.

Shedding some light on the reason for the snub, a friend of the royals reportedly said: "Harry and Meghan have been close to Eugenie and Jack, which had increased Fergie’s hopes of getting an invite.

"But Harry doesn’t trust Fergie to keep her mouth shut and respect their privacy."

I guess she can still watch it on TV like the rest of us.