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29th Mar 2024

Pregnant woman shocked by note stuck to her McDonald’s order

Joseph Loftus

McDonald's menu change

‘We’ve just given the wrapping’

A pregnant woman has been left absolutely mind-blown after a shocking note was stuck to her McDonald’s order.

The woman’s boyfriend shared the note on Reddit and revealed that his girlfriend ordered a ‘sausage McMuffin from McDonalds in Maylands, Western Australia’.

He added: “She selected Option 1 as she didn’t want Egg (she’s pregnant). All other ingredients were clearly listed: “Sausage McMuffin: English Muffin, Beef Sausage, etc.”

So far so good. But when the bag of food arrived, the woman got an empty wrapper with a note explaining: “Sausage egg has egg, muffins, sausage, cheese, it’s no for everything, so we have just given the wrapping.”

The man added: “What a world! I got a good chuckle out of it but hell hath no fury like a pregnant woman.”

Ordered Sausage and Egg McMuffin (minus egg) and was sent note and empty wrapper!
byu/Possible_Action_7417 inperth

After a little confusion in the comment section the man added more information, writing: “It was actually just a regular sausage mcmuffin she ordered with no additions or removals!

“So both the order history & the physical receipt show all ingredients as being removed, so I can’t prove that my girlfriend didn’t do this either intentionally or accidentally.

“She also didn’t check the details in the cart when she put the order through. However, she vehemently denies even going into the customisation menu at all and I very almost fully believe her.

“It’s very unlikely that she went into the customisation menu and removed the ingredients one by one – but I can’t prove that she didn’t.”

One person in the comment section below the post wrote that the very same thing happened to them.

They explained: “The same thing happened to me not long ago!

“There was definitely some form of glitch on uber eats, so after I ordered fries with no salt, every item I added after that automatically switched to ‘no’ instead of the default yes. I think I still have the pic of my own empty wrapper somewhere!”

Another person wrote: “You know, when I’ve ordered food online that either isn’t available or has some other issue I generally get a phone call from the restaurant to talk things over.

“The manager here saw this and decided to play funny buggers instead of acting professionally.”

A third wrote: “I ordered a sausage McMuffin in drive through a few days ago. I always say “no egg” cause they ALWAYS put egg in if I don’t.

“Smug drive through person goes ‘you don’t have to specify no egg if it’s just a sausage McMuffin, they don’t come with egg’. I replied that if I don’t say no egg I always get egg.

“Drove off, opened wrapper, it had a motherf*cking egg in it.”

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