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23rd Dec 2022

Pornhub’s most viewed amateur couple reveal how much money they make


They’ve managed to cash in on one increasingly popular category

Pornhub’s most-watched amateur couple have revealed how much money they make each month in a tell-all interview.

Speaking to BuzzFeedmarried couple Yiny, 38, and her husband Leon, 42, opened up about becoming the site’s most popular couple in 2022, revealing that their side hustle has bagged them quite a bit of money.

The Puerto Rican performers had over 1.2 billion views from 250 videos that they have uploaded over the course of around four years.

They film new content between two and three times a week and their persistence has paid off as they beat thousands of other adult performers to the top spot.

The Texas-based couple said they earned over $2,000 within their first month of posting content on the site, but that has gone up significantly since.

Now, they’re bringing in between $15,000 to $25,000 every month.

Leon said: “I was in the military for 13 years, but I left because what I made in the Army in a year, here I make in a month and a half, two months. It’s ridiculous.”

It’s also much more than Yiny previously made as a UPS driver and now, she’s managed to translate her Pornhub success to the adult content platform OnlyFans, where she charges $9.99 a month for exclusive content.

Yiny has a huge social media following, with 1.5 million followers on Instagram and over 660,000 followers on Twitter.

“Pornhub moves everything,” Leon explained. “When a video is featured on the main page, that video reaches millions. Millions of people are seeing your Instagram and your Twitter handles.”

The couple explained they were inspired to go into the industry because of a YouTube video they watched in which another couple had spoken about how successful it had been for them.

They have become particularly successful thanks to their “outdoor” videos that show them having sex mid-hike or run. According to Pornhub, that category had grown in popularity by 121 per cent this year.

Yiny said: “I think that’s why we rose to the top — because everything looks so real, the ladies are so comfy on the grass, while we’re on top of rocks, trees… anywhere.”

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