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14th Mar 2024

People divided after girl gets £16 from the Tooth Fairy ‘due to inflation’

Charlie Herbert

How much did you usually get from the Tooth Fairy when you were a kid? 50p? £1? £2 if you were really lucky?

Well, one mum has split opinion after she revealed she left $20 (£16) under her daughter’s pillow to keep up with “inflation.”

In a post on Reddit, the mum wrote: “It’s crazy the things you Google these days. I had to look up and see how much the Tooth Fairy pays out for the first tooth. We decided to go with $20 because she’s been so excited and she is late to losing her teeth. All her friends have lost several thus far.

“I ended up doing an origami heart out of the $20 and dusting it with glitter. Then I took a pair of Barbie shoes and stamped a glitter walking path on her nightstand. She loved it and instantly started checking everywhere for other shoe prints to see where Ms Tooth Fairy entered the house.”

When the youngster told her grandparents about the generous Tooth Fairy gift, they were stunned though.

The mum continued: “My parents were shocked. [They said], ‘ $20! I was lucky to get a quarter’. I’m sorry mum and dad the tooth fairy suffers from inflation as well. “The way we looked at it was like one article said, $10 to $20 [or the] first tooth then $1to $5 each after. It comes out to be less than $100 over a several-year time frame. $100 is nothing these days over a span of years.”

While many were stunned by the significant sum the mum had left for her daughter, others pointed out that it was pointless as well, because the main thing the child cares about is just the fact the Tooth Fairy has been, so

One person wrote: “20? Like 20 dollars! That seems a lot. My kid gets a shiny £2 and a note from the tooth fairy. She is super pleased with that.”

Another commented: “We were planning on $5 but instead my son opted to keep his tooth to ‘study it’.”

“Kids don’t care about amount the amount, they just think it’s cool the fairy came,” a third said.

And someone else joked: “Twenty bucks? I have some teeth you can take!”

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Social image credit: Evan Long