People are losing it over single man posting his dinners - but he doesn't get the fuss 4 months ago

People are losing it over single man posting his dinners - but he doesn't get the fuss

Just wait...

A single man is regularly posting what he's having for tea each night on his Instagram - people are absolutely losing it over his now-viral plates but the culinary genius doesn't get "what all the fuss is about".


Jason Jovanovic - self-styled as 'Daft Jason' on his Instagram - is 45 and lives in Sheffield and after starting his social media account quickly realised he didn't know what to post. So, like many, he just decided to start sharing what he was having for dinner.

You might think that sounds pretty standard and perhaps even a little boring. Think again.


We're gonna have to swiftly move past "bread cakes" because there's simply too much going on here.

Beans, bread and butter are classic British combos - but two fish fillets swimming in the middle certainly made us double-take. Suppose it's not too far from fish fingers and beans?

As you can see, Jovanovic's take on the culinary arts might not be the most refined approach we've ever seen - but we're being absolutely sincere when we say we'd smash 90 per cent of these heaving plates.


Well, we'd try.

Childhood memories flooding back right now.


Speaking in an interview with the Mirror, Jovanovic admitted that he's "never really been that good in the kitchen" and that he usually just make[s] something out of whatever [he's] got in the cupboards and can pull together after work."

That being said, they're not all winners and we expect a large chunk of his 31k+ followers came after this extremely unusual combo went viral on a Reddit post back in January:

Mate, we're not even going to try and defend that monstrosity.


In case you hadn't noticed, 'Daft Jason' is all about portion size and volume eating - and when we say volume, we mean volume. Imagine waking up in the morning and someone drops this on your lap:

The best part is we can't even figure out how many toasties that actually is.

Although he regularly buys simple meals you can just bang in the oven and assemble on a plate, Jovanovic also has a deep love for the roast dinner (don't we all), with too many identical posts to count.

Sometimes he even has two to himself because why the hell not?

Jovanovic went on to tell the outlet how he receives "messages from all over the world, people from Tokyo, China... America" and he's even been offered eating competitions following the social media exposure.

He reiterated: “I don’t understand it myself. I don’t see what all the fuss is about they’re just my evening meals when I go home and make dinner."

So long he keeps posting his dinners, we don't care either. You do you, king.

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