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14th Aug 2023

Pelvic floor expert explains why you should never wipe more than three times after going for a poo

Steve Hopkins

George has a key technique for over-wipers that will come as a huge relief

A pelvic floor expert has warned why you should never wipe more than three times after taking a poo – and, well, if nothing else it might save you money on TP during the cost of living crisis.

In a video uploaded to the TikTok account of BIEN Australia, a pelvic floor physiotherapist called George explains everything you need to know about going number two, especially around wiping.

Over-wipers, this is one for you.

More than four million people have watched the clip – from the “pelvic floor wellness brand”, so there’s clearly a lot of curiosity around toilet-time etiquette and best practice pooing.


Having to wipe 5 + times and getting poop over and over or even coming back later and wiping more poop 💩 is what we call Fecal Smearing. #fy #foryou

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George starts the video by saying she will tell viewers how they will be able to reduce the number of times they wipe, which will no doubt be a huge relief for some.

The physiotherapist saus: “When you are wiping more than two or three times, that is called faecal smearing.

“So it is essentially when too much faecel matter stays at the entrance of the anus even after you have finished your poo.”

The pelvic floor expert then explains a technique you can employ to cut down on unnecessary wiping.

“A technique that you can use to reduce the number of times you wipe is by squeezing your pelvic floor in a waterfall formation,” George tells viewers.

“So start by squeezing the anus 20 per cent, then 50 per cent, 80 per cent, and 100 per cent so that you have squeezed it four times at the end of your poo.”

She continues: “This can help close off the anus sphincter, which is the reason you are having little bits of stool hanging on the entrance – it is usually from weakness from that external sphincter.”

The physiotherapist also says that haemorrhoids or any “scar tissue around anus” could also be causing excessive wiping.

George said if her trick doesn’t work, see a doctor.

Naturally, people have been making a few jokes about the video.

One person wrote: “My problem is I’m as hairy as Chewbacca. It’s like wiping peanut butter off a Persian rug.”

A second reminisced about the old days of TikTok “when this was a dance app.”


How to havethe best dam poo of your life #ibs #constipation #bowels #pelvicfloortherapy

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