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30th Aug 2022

‘Pacifist’ cat brings mouse in to share food with it

Jack Peat

The cat’s owners believe she could be a vegan 

This hilarious photo shows the moment a “pacifist” cat brought home a friendly mouse to eat with her from a food bowl.

The peace-loving grey moggy, named Misty, was spotted dining out with her furry companion, leaving her owner to brand the pair the real-life “Tom and Jerry”.

Misty, who was previously a stray, was welcomed into the family’s home to replace their former “chief mouser”, Molly, after she sadly passed away.

But instead of honing her killer instinct, Misty has made “friends” with the local wildlife and treated her bowls of delicious cat food like a “restaurant” for rodents.

And the cat’s owner, who asked not to be named, now believe she could be a “vegan”.

They said: “I used to leave some food out for her, and now she just now comes in and eats the food and brings her ‘friends’ in.

“Maybe she’s a vegan. She wasn’t hungry enough to eat the mouse, so she might have just thought it was a little someone for her to play with.

“We all had a good laugh about it. It was like a real-life Tom and Jerry cartoon. I’m surprised the mouse wasn’t that frightened either. It wasn’t scurrying away from her.”

Misty’s owner, who lives with her husband on a farm in Thornbury, Gloucestershire, said she’d adopted the stray moggy following the death of their old cat.

She said: “Misty was a little bit of a stray, and she found us. We lost our farm cat, and she suddenly appeared looking a little bit hungry and thin.

“Now she lives here, and she’s so friendly.”

But Misty hasn’t shown any interest in becoming the farm’s “chief mouser” and is instead happier to spend her time “playing” with her furry companions.

Her owner explained: “She just doesn’t seem hungry, so she doesn’t eat them.

“Maybe when we started giving her food, she thought, “Oh, the mouse might be hungry for some food as well because these people are kind.”

“I don’t think she has it in her to kill them. But the old cat was a chief mouser and a proper farm cat.”

Despite her woeful abilities as a rodent killer, Misty’s owners say they have no plans to get rid of the chilled-out moggy.

They said: “Our neighbours think it’s hysterical. They just think it’s really funny, and they’ve all had a good laugh about it.

“But I wouldn’t bring in another one. We have four farm cats next door, and they’re very capable.”

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