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20th Oct 2023

Teacher who ditched classroom for OnlyFans says she has no regrets

Joseph Loftus

‘I am probably never going to teach again’

A high school teacher was suspended after officials discovered her OnlyFans account left the job and has zero regrets.

Brianna Coppage, 28, who taught English at St Clair High School in Franklin County, said last month that she had been expecting senior staff in the school to discover her alter ego sometime or other, and they did.

Coppage knew the risks of starting an OnlyFans and started the account in order to support herself in addition to her salary as a teacher.

She said that on average her OnlyFans was bringing in around $8000 to $10,000 a month on top of her teaching salary of $42,000 annually.

Speaking to the St Louis Post-Dispatch at the time of her suspension, Coppage said: “It was kind of always like this cloud hanging over my head, like I never knew when I would be discovered.

“Then, about two weeks ago, my husband and I were told that people were finding out about it. So I knew this day was coming.”

Coppage explained that she chose OnlyFans as viewers can only access content by subscribing with credit card information.

However, she believes that a recent video of herself, her husband, and two popular performers from the nearby area, may be the reason they were finally caught out.

The teacher said she was called in for a meeting with two school administrators and was confronted about posting ‘inappropriate media on one or more internet sites’.

She said: “There is this expectation that teachers should be the moral leaders of students, and I do not disagree with that.

“I taught the curriculum. I taught students reading and writing, and I didn’t guide them on my thoughts or beliefs. … And I can’t control what people think of me.”

After leaving her job, Coppage has since claimed she has no regrets.

Speaking to Fox News, Coppage said: “I started it, one, to just supplement my income and kind of see what happens and possibly make extra money. Like, I have student loans. I was working on my third degree. So, I also have a master’s degree in education, and then I was working on my specialist degree.

“I will also say that I have tens of thousands of fans now. And I have, you know, far exceeded my teacher salary for the year.”

She added that if she could back in time she’d do it all again, saying: “I don’t regret it. I still strongly feel that. People are allowed to have personal lives outside of their career. And I’ve seen a lot of comments like, ‘Well, what if the students found it or it’s online? People are going to see it.’

“And I don’t necessarily disagree with that. I know for a fact that, one, students are not the ones who found it. They’re not the ones who reported it. And they didn’t see it until adults posted my link in a community group.”

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