New 'smart' motorway cameras mean you can be caught speeding at all times 4 years ago

New 'smart' motorway cameras mean you can be caught speeding at all times

A number of motorists are being caught out by the change.

Police have confirmed that 'smart' speed cameras can be operational 24 hours a day and not just when variable limits are being enforced, the Daily Mail reports.


This means that smart motorways leave drivers with a greater chance of being fined for speeding, as motorists can be penalised  if they break the standard 70mph limit, even if the overhead signals aren't telling motorists to drive at a reduced speed.

The news was confirmed by The Derby Telegraph, the newspaper discovered that  cameras between Tibshelf services and junction 29A at Duckmanton remained operational whilst the national speed limit was in place.

The number of drivers caught violating the speed limit in that section of the M1 was 8,382, making it the most profitable section of enforced motorway in the country.


However Darren Roberts, manager of the Casualty Reduction Enforcement Support Team (CREST) for Derbyshire police, told the Daily Express the cameras were not there to generate money.

He said: “They are there to catch speeders, get reckless drivers off the roads and ultimately lead to a reduction in collisions.”

Adding: “To all the speeders out there: imagine if you had to knock on the door of a victim’s family to tell them their loved one had died because of your reckless driving.

“It’s just not worth the risk. Speeding can never be justified."