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08th Jun 2022

New mum sparks fierce debate after piercing daughter’s ears hours after being born

Kieran Galpin

Most hospitals have a cafe – this one must’ve had a Claire’s

A new mum has caused quite the stir online after admitting that she had her baby’s ears pierced just one day after leaving the hospital.

The mother, who posts TikToks under her daughter’s name Lara, shared a time-lapse video with her daughter’s followers. The video began showing little Lara in what is presumably a hospital bed, with her ears pierced with silver flowers studs.

The video then cuts to Lara at three months – this time with little silver hoops in.

@laraticaofficial 1 ??? ?? ? ?????? ? #foryou ♬ original sound – Slamuri

The mum insists her baby wouldn’t have felt anything.

The video divided the comment section, with some people arguing that it’s wrong to pierce her ears before she can decide for herself. Others said that it’s actually quite normal where they are from, with some cultures seeing it as a necessary step.

“Maybe it’s just me but on the day my children were born getting their ears pierced was very far down my list of concerns,” one woman said, while another commented, “Wow, this is another level for me… I just can’t understand. And it hurts the same as when they are older! Don’t fool yourself.”

Others were more focused on the style of earrings.

“The earrings doesn’t even seem like good starter studs which makes it even worse,” said one woman.

Another added: “It’s not just the ear piercing… it’s the actual earrings! she’s a newborn, not Blanche from the Golden Girls. they’re huge!”

However others have maintained that it’s normal.

@laraticaofficial ????? ❤️ #foryou ♬ original sound – NETFLIX

“I just wanna say, my mom had mine pierced at 2 days old by my doctor in the hospital! I’m thankful for it,” said one person with firsthand experience.

Another mum said: “My daughter had her ears pierced at 2 weeks old, it didn’t bother her at all and she’s almost 20 n loves em.”

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