Nando's is giving away free chicken to A Level students all day 5 years ago

Nando's is giving away free chicken to A Level students all day

Whether you're celebrating getting that university place, or drowning your sorrows in PERi-PERi (trust us when we say it's not the end of the world), all A Level students should reward their revision slogging with a free Nando's today.

Everyone's favourite flame-grilled chicken chain will be offering anyone who received either A Level or Scottish Higher results this morning a free 1/4 chicken or Appeteaser.


Can't argue with that.


According to the company's website, all you need to do arrive at the restaurant with your results in hand - they promise not to judge - and some relevant ID. The deal will only last for today, so there's no time to debate this one.

There does seem to be a catch, however. Upon scanning the small print (always do that) it looks like you're going to have to spend £7 to claim your 1/4 chicken on top. If life has taught us one thing, it's that nothing is truly free.


Still, a lot of school students seem very happy with the news.

Some aren't so sure they want to be flashing their certificates around in public.

And others, who weren't offered the same thing when they got their grades through, are quite rightly demanding answers immediately.