Simple hack will bag you a Nando's meal for under £6 1 week ago

Simple hack will bag you a Nando's meal for under £6

TikToker Ally Khan spills the beans

Nando's has been revealed to be one of the fast food outlets that have bumped their prices up on the back of soaring inflation.


The fast-food outlet quietly hiked its prices early this year by as much as 8 per cent, according to Sun reports.

The restaurant giant added 55p to the price of its whole chicken dish in January.

The price of 10 chicken wings with two sides also increased to £15.45 from £14.95, and a houmous with peri-peri drizzle went up from £3.95 to £4.25.


With prices going up across the board, a TikToker has shared a simple hack that will get you an order of tasty chicken for just a snip of the regular price.

Ally Khan revealed that by getting the £5.95 kids menu (aka Nandinos), you get a main, two smaller versions of your favourite sides, and a dessert or drink.

What's more, someone in the clip's comments who claims to work at Nando's says the chicken used in the kids' meals is exactly the same as for the regular menu, it supposedly just has different bread if you're ordering a burger.

Watch the explainer below:

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