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02nd Mar 2023

Monster has brought out alcoholic beverages which taste just like the energy drinks

Callum Boyle


A dangerous pre-drink

Monster have released a range of alcoholic beverages which recreate the flavours of their popular energy drinks.

The company, owned by Coca-Cola, have launched four flavours of its Beast Unleashed drinks. They’re named Mean Green, based off the original flavour, Peach Perfect; White Haze, which is similar to Monster Energy Zero Ultra and finally, Scary Berries.

Although Monster is best known for its energy drinks, these new drinks don’t contain any caffeine but they won’t be for the faint-hearted as they come in at six per cent.

Speaking last year, CEO Rodney Sacks said that the offering would be “distinguishable from the many hard seltzer brands that have become so ubiquitous over the last several years.”

Their story is also displayed on the packaging. It reads: “Our original crew has been making drinks for 30+ years now.

“Our favourite brand Monster is about to turn 21. We figure why not celebrate the big day by making an adult beverage. We hit delete on the energy blend, cut out the caffeine, and ditched the sugar.

“Next, we brewed up the smoothest tasting alcohol ever and blended it with our tried and true flavours. The Beast is Unleashed! Great taste, six point ‘oh my’ percent alcohol, and no sugar to weigh you down.”

One review on online booze shop Untappd claimed that the taste of the new drink is the same as flavour of the original Monster drink.

“Tastes JUST like green Monster, but a little better with the alcohol,” they wrote.

Another said: “It tastes like the original, but with an alcohol kick.”

At the moment the drink appears to only be available in a few select states in the US. California, Colorado, Florida and Ohio all have the drink in stock but Sacks said every state will have the drink by the end of the year.

Those in the UK may have to wait a little longer with no timeframe on when they may land on our shores.

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