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05th Jul 2023

McDonald’s launches £185 wedding service that includes 100s of McNuggets and burgers

Charlie Herbert

McDonald's wedding catering

McLove and marriage

McDonald’s has entered the wedding market, by launching its own catering packages with prices starting at just £185.

Along with being quite stressful and a lot of effort to organise, weddings can also be very expensive. Last year, the average wedding in the UK cost £18,400.

But if you’re not too fussed about the food side of things, McDonald’s could have the perfect option for you that may help eliminate a lot of time, effort and cost.

The fast food giant has started its own wedding catering packages in Jakarta, Indonesia, offering to feed you and all your guests on the big day, with a menu of Maccies favourites.

The options available include 100 chicken burgers and 100 boxes of McNuggets or 100 cheeseburgers and 100 chicken fingers.

The wedding package’s slogan reads: “Make wedding moments unforgettable.”

Although only available in Jakarta at the moment, the product could apparently be expanded globally if successful.

Rizki Haryadi, from McDonald’s Indonesia, told The Sun: “There are other service options as well, where we can also provide food stalls at an additional cost.

“The wedding package is not for holding a wedding at a McDonald’s store, but only for food, such as catering with prices starting from £185 with a minimum purchase of 200 products.”

(Instagram/McDonald’s Indonesia)

A number of people reacted to the news on social media, with one Maccies fan commenting: “Do we get the clown too?”

Another said: “The new breakthrough now is for international restaurant brands to enter weddings.”

Another added: “YEESSSSSSSS…got the wedding package. Now for the candidate.”

Indonesia is not the first country where you can celebrate the big day to the smell of Big Macs though.

In 2011, the fast food chain introduced wedding packages in Hong Kong, which went further than simply providing the food.

When it was launched, prices started at HK$2,888 (£293) rising all the way to HK$9,999 (£1,016), with the deluxe package including a two-hour venue rental, 50 invites, McDonald’s character gifts for 50 guests, a tiered apple pie “cake” and more.

Speaking to CNBC in 2014, a spokesperson for McDonald’s explained: “We started the program because many customers tell us that McDonald’s is where they first started dating… McDonald’s is where their love stories grew.

“This connection is exactly why they want to hold their wedding parties and even anniversary parties at McDonald’s – to relive sweet beginnings and bring their romantic story full circle.”

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