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27th Apr 2016

McDonald’s humble Chicken McNugget may never be the same again

Tony Cuddihy

Launched in the 1980s, the Chicken McNugget has been criticised more than any fast food.

McDonald’s have vowed to make changes to their Chicken McNuggets that will remove some of the mysterious substances that have made them tasty but very, very dodgy in terms of ingredients since the 1980s.

The company says that parents can feel good about new McNuggets that do not include sodium phosphates, which kept the chicken moist.

McDonald’s have also vowed no longer to fry the McNuggets in oil containing the artificial preservative TBHQ.

The chicken in McNuggets is made up of ground-up chicken that is then frozen before being transported.

The new recipe has been trialled in Oregon and Washington in the United States with plans to make it the norm internationally.