Man shares chilling pictures appearing to show ghost of a child 2 years ago

Man shares chilling pictures appearing to show ghost of a child

Adam Ellis has been convinced that he's being haunted by a ghost baby for a long time now.

His saga first beganΒ back in AugustΒ when he tweeted saying that his apartment was being haunted "by the ghost of a dead child" and that he could see the child sitting across from his bed.

Oh, and Adam also specified that the child had half of his head caved in and looked something like this.

Adam's story was fairly standard for a while - spooky tweets, creepy pics that could be of nothing but also were seemingly of something.

That was, until, last week when Adam's story started heating up and getting seriously intense.

Adam's been calling his ghost baby 'David' and last week, he said he saw David in his dream again.

He wrote that David began shuffling towards him and "started muttering something, too quiet for me to understand."

And Adam's photos weren't just of nothing either. They were some scary shit.

Here are the poorly-lit versions.

And the one that made his "heart drop."

If you're still not all that convinced, here are the brightened ghost baby images.

Check out that absolute concave head.


Just nah.

Adam's pics have been retweeted almost 10,000 times already since last week, and why can see why - they're pretty horrifying.

We do have this niggling feeling though, that Adam's saga is absolutely entirely fake and he's actually grand and just posting all of this for the sweet #numbers.

But even if he is, he's going to a lot of effort so fair play to him.

Adam hasn't posted another tweet since that day either which could mean one of two things.

Ghost baby got him and he is no longer with us, or he's basking in the chaos he has unleashed on Twitter.

Either or.