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14th Mar 2023

Man quits job to become full-time flatpack furniture assembler on £35,000

Steve Hopkins

And he only works 30 hours a week

A professional flatpack furniture assembler rakes in more than £35,000 a year after making it his full-time job. Mohammed Amin was working as a delivery driver and looking for opportunities to earn more money.

After buying himself a van, the 28-year-old started a side hustle completing odd jobs for people such as building and removing furniture.

He saw a demand for furniture building from DIY-shy people – and is paid roughly £3,000 a month to put up sofas, tables, and desks which take him either a few minutes or a few hours each time.

Twelve months later, Mohammed saw such a demand for professional furniture assembly, so quit his job and is doing it full time.

Mohammed, a handyman, from Whitechapel, London, said: “You can be working for a company and build up their empire.

“Most jobs that require a man in a van I will take on and the odd other jobs I have been doing involve assembling and dissembling furniture.

“If people need help changing a room around I do a bit of that too.

“I thought: ‘I can do this. I can make a lot of money.’

“It came to the point where I didn’t want to work for anyone.

“I wanted to get out there and get the job done.”

Mohammed worked as a delivery driver when he was urged to join Airtasker – a local services marketplace – in April 2022 after buying himself a van.

He started off by completing the odd job in his spare time alongside his full-time role. Four months into it, and after earning more than £12,000 Mohammed quit his job to take his venture full-time in April 2022.

Mohammed said: “I have done about 330 tasks for people since I started.

“Most of my jobs are a man in a van job, I am very hands-on.

“I dissemble and reassemble furniture, if people need to move items, I take that on too.

“I quit my old job as I started to see that I can do more jobs and earn more doing what I do now compared to my old job.”

In under a year, Mohammed has earned just over £35,000 and works around 30 hours a week.

Mohammed was awarded as one of Airtasker’s Top Taskers in 2022 for his services on the app.

He said: “It depends, some jobs can take a few hours and some jobs can take 10 hours.

“The sorts of jobs that I go for are on the day jobs, ones that I can quickly complete. “I start off with one job a day and go from there.”

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