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04th May 2017

Just 9 Prince Philip memes in recognition of his valiant work for this country

His Royal Meme-ness

Ciara Knight

Prince Philip is stepping down from all royal engagements.

This comes as welcome news because he is a married man and should absolutely not be getting engaged as frequently as he has been.

It’s time for Pip to settle down into his cushy retirement lifestyle of being a kept man while his wife travels the world a thousand times over every day (because she is on a stamp).

I’ve gone back through some iconic images of Prince Philip and gone and done a good old fashioned meme job on them because as we all know, Philip loves memes.

How dare he unveil some artwork and allow me to deface it

How dare he cut a ribbon and allow me to poorly Photoshop him into another situation

How dare he sign some kind of book and allow me to guess his wording

How dare he present Kylie Minogue with a certificate thereby begging me to interfere

How dare he pose for a photograph that I have altered based on his previous gaffes

How dare he look pensive near such a hysterical helmet

How dare he look at his wife

How dare he look horrified

How dare he wave, how very dare he