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16th Mar 2023

Influencer says she’s ‘too hot’ to get a boyfriend because men get intimidated by her looks


‘Being incredibly hot is honestly a curse’

An influencer has spoken out about the difficulty she has finding a potential suiter because of her steaming hot looks.

Hope Schwing, 24, from Los Angeles, California, says she has never had a serious relationship because men are often too intimidated to ask her out.

The “chronically single” TikToker posted a video to the social networking site looking downtrodden and deflated.

In it, the texts reads: “No one talks about how hard it is to be literally so hot that you can’t get a [boyfriend] because all men are extremely intimidated by and scared of you. Being incredibly hot is honestly a curse.”


I hope this delivers what was sent

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Although Hope insisted that her video was meant as ‘satire’, she sparked a furious debate in the comments section where other people actually agreed with her!

One viewer commented: “Especially when you have a personality and standards too and they can’t match it all.”

“It’s a blessing & a curse babe,” another user agreed.

Someone else joked: “Convincing myself this is why I’m single.”

While another user commented: “The way you said this was satire but it’s not… like I literally feel like this is true for me.”


This is so awkward 💀 the satire was not received lmfao

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According to social media platform, Ideapod there are a few tell-tale signs that reveal whether a man is intimidated by your looks or not.

They include pretty obvious factors such as building up the courage to approach you and being uncomfortable around you.

But they also might show possessive tendencies because “most people consider all beautiful people promiscuous”.

So Schwing is probably right about the cursed bit!

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