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07th Mar 2024

‘I’m mum-shamed over my kids’ breakfasts but at least they’re fed’

Charlie Herbert

'I'm mum-shamed over my kids' breakfasts but at least they're fed'

A parent has said she has been shamed by other mums over the breakfast she prepares for her two sons, but argues it’s better than sending them to school hungry.

Scottish mum Kayleigh Taylor shares videos on her TikTok channel, @cleanwith_kayleigh, where which she shares lifestyle and cleaning tips from her day-to-day life as a parent.

Her videos mange to rack up hundreds of thousands of views and she has amassed some 2.2 million followers on the platform.

She has previously upset some fellow parents though after sharing what the breakfast she feeds her children before school.

In a video earlier this year, Kayleigh shared her morning routine of getting her two sons, aged six and 10, ready for school.

This included making them breakfast, which consisted of Nutella on toast, and the mum says in the video: “Yes, I do feed my kids Nutella for breakfast sometimes.

“It attracted a lot of negative comments last time and honestly I can’t see what the big deal is.”


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She explained that her son Ollie often “struggles to eat before school” so she would rather he start the day with a “chocolatey breakfast” instead of “going to school on an empty stomach.”

The clip has been viewed more than 420,000 times and racked up more than 32,000 likes.

In the comments, a number of mums defended her breakfast choice and agreed with her logic.

One wrote: “My two lived on Nutella on toast for breakfast in primary, both big strapping lads now. People are too judgy.

“Something is better than nothing. Our breakfast club had the biggest jar of Nutella I’ve ever seen and no-one giving school a hard time.”

Another added: “Absolutely nothing wrong with Nutella for breakfast, I have no idea why anyone would think it is.”

A third commented: “Haha sometimes that’s all my kids live off of in the morning is Nutella. Rather full bellies than them hungry.”

Meanwhile, a fourth wrote: “I give my twin daughters Nutella on their toast all the time.

“Don’t see why people being Karen’s about people putting Nutella on toast for their kids.”

And someone else said: “My little one has nutella on pancakes for breakfast sometimes- and so do I!”

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