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10th Nov 2023

‘I quit my job to submit to my husband – all couples should embrace their God-given roles’

Nina McLaughlin

A 22-year-old woman from North Carolina has hit back at trolls who criticise her way of life as a woman who ‘submits’ to her husband.

Aria Lewis had a ‘very promising, very busy career’ before she quit her job to become a homemaker after getting married.

She married her husband when she was 18 years old and he was 24.

Lewis now shares her lifestyle on TikTok, where she has amassed over 18,000 followers.

She claims that people embracing their ‘God-given roles’ is the best thing for marriage.

Lewis, who was homeschooled as a child, said that being a ‘traditional wife’ means having lots of children and teaching them at home. She also believes that tradwives should submit to their husbands.

“In the last hundred years with the feminist movement what used to be normal is now worthless and ridiculed.”

She added: “Sometimes, working is the best decision for your family, and sometimes staying home is the best decision.

“You and your husband have to make that decision yourselves.

“But for goodness sakes, I cannot tell you the number of people who think I’m immature for staying home and running my side hustles homesteading, tending to my home and healing my body for pregnancy.”

The TikToker believes she was “born in the wrong century” and doesn’t even own a TV set as she hopes to “keep biblical femininity alive.”

Lewis says her “biggest secret” about being a homemaker is that she doesn’t love cleaning.

“I don’t love cleaning. I don’t even like cleaning, actually… I’m honestly really bad at it, and it’s something I’ve always struggled with,” she said.

Lewis added: “Well then if life as a homemaker is mostly cleaning and cooking, WHY am I doing it? 

“I’ve been told I should work part time and use that money to hire someone to help me clean. I even grew up with a weekly housekeeper.

“Well… the answer is – I LOVE being a homemaker. I LOVE that *I’m* the one who gets to serve my husband (and future family) this way. 

“I love having a clean house, and I love that God is slowly working on me, growing me as I seek to discipline myself in cleaning my house.

“I love that my role as a woman is the role of a homemaker. 

“Not every woman is called to this, but I am. I am called to nurture and care for my home in my role, and that is a beautiful thing.”