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20th Oct 2023

‘World’s most jealous woman’ makes husband take lie detector test every time he comes home

Joseph Loftus

‘When you’ve got a good man, you’re not going to let him go, are ya’

A woman who has been dubbed the world’s most jealous wife has revealed that she makes her husband take a lie detector test every time he comes home.

The woman, called Debbi, who has appeared on This Morning in the past, claimed that she knows she’s got a great husband and doesn’t want him running off with stranger.

She said: “When you’ve got a good man, you’re not going to let him go, are ya?”

The presenter then asked: “But aren’t you going to frighten him off?” To which she replied: “I don’t think I could frighten him off if I tried.”

Sure sounds like you’re giving it a good go Debs.

Husband, Steve, then said that there’s no danger of his wife scaring him off saying that if he was going to run off he would’ve done it already.

Steve then said that his wife uses a lie detector on him from time to time but claimed in the past they were used much more frequently to make sure he hadn’t cheated.

Then the presenter brought up the fact that Steve isn’t even allowed to watch what he wants on television in case he becomes tempted by other women.

Steve, the doting husband (blink twice if you need help), said that he only likes watching sport, especially Formula One, and so it doesn’t matter to him.

Debbi then claimed that she doesn’t have a problem with her husband appreciating beauty in other women, but does have an issue with him fantasising about them, and so naturally she decided to remove all temptation from his path.

The presenter then remarked that Debbi had complimented him earlier in the day and so asked: “Why can you do it and he can’t?”

Debbi, did not have an answer.

According to experts, Debbi has Othello syndrome which is a rare condition which causes a person to become convinced that their other half is being unfaithful.

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