Grandma has dying wish fulfilled after giant penis is installed on her grave 2 weeks ago

Grandma has dying wish fulfilled after giant penis is installed on her grave

It's what she would have wanted...

A 99-year-old grandmother had her dying wish fulfilled after a giant penis, weighing more than 40 stones, was installed on her tomb at a cemetery in Mexico.


Catarina Orduña Pérez requested that her family build the monument in celebration of the fact that they are "vargas", which translates in English as “cock” due to its general use as a profanity.

According to VICE, the term 'verga' can be used to insult someone or can be a compliment and a badge of honour.

If something is “verga,” it’s cool or badass, something which Catarina was, according to her grandson Álvaro Mota Limón.


She often used the expression with a sort of colloquial pride when referring to the members of her family as vergas; that they were people of moral fortitude, with “integrity, courage, passion, and at the same time, love and joy".

Catarina instilled the message to her children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren that if they were vergas and could accomplish whatever they wanted, especially the women, in a country steeped in machismo.

Before her death, Mota Limón asked whether she was serious about having a tomb adorned with a penis.

“She told me that it was her desire so that no one would forget her and that everything we loved about her would be remembered more easily,” he said.


After she passed away, “we talked as a family and decided to make her dream come true.”

They commissioned a local engineer to design and make the sculpture, which took nearly a month and a team of 12 people to make.

According to the VICE reports, they got particularly delayed on the ballsack when the first attempt was “disfigured” and they had to start the process again of “melting materials to give it the necessary amplitude so that the testicles could be formed.”

The outcome, however, is undeniably impressive:


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