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28th Mar 2022

CCTV shows man throw up outside pub before hilariously slipping over in it

Steve Hopkins

‘That’s how we roll in Adelaide’

A video has gone viral showing a man leaving a bar in Australia in the most disgraceful way possible.

The man, who has not been publicly identified, is caught on CCTV projectile vomiting as he leaves Adelaide’s Woolshed on Hindley Street, as two people enjoy a more civilised beverage at a table directly in front of him.

The gentleman continues to lurch forward as he loses his lunch on the paving stones and soon stands in it, sending him slipping onto his back, before he comes to a stop at the edge of the onlooker’s table.

The bystanders watch the spectacle unfold in front of them around 7.25pm last Wednesday, before returning to their drinks,

The video has since gone viral after being shared by various users on Facebook where it has clocked up millions of views.

One viewer amusingly commented: “That’s how we roll in Adelaide.”

A second wrote: “The first rule of ‘spew school’: always change direction after a tactical chunder…”

“That’s the Vomit Surfer! He’s able to travel faster than a locomotive by sliding along his self-made stream of vomit,” another commenter wrote.

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