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07th Mar 2017

Giant Kinder Eggs have been brought back just in time for Easter

It's what we've all been crying out for


Seriously, how has the human species reached the year 2017 AD without this becoming a regular thing?

By ‘this’ we mean Easter egg-sized Kinder Eggs. Not just regular-sized Kinder Egg eggs.

God love ’em, the folk at Kinder have finally seen sense and brought out a much larger version (they’re a whole five times bigger) of their egg, just in time for Easter.

Although children will probably (definitely) be the intended target audience, we’ve no doubt that a good few grown men up and down the land will be swallowing these things whole in the weeks ahead.

Now available to buy in shops and online, the eggs also come with the obligatory toy concealed inside their chocolatey shell.

This isn’t the first time Kinder have done this, but for whatever reason the decision was made a few years back not to make this a regular thing.

Judging by the massive reaction to their reintroduction online, we wouldn’t be surprised if we see plenty more of these on the shelves for many years to come.


Kinder Egg