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21st Apr 2017

This woman is really mad about the ‘absurd’ toy in her Kinder Egg

"A toy grasping its genitals is simply not appropriate"

Katie Mythen-Lynch

An Aussie woman is extremely unhappy with Kinder Surprise makers Ferrero after she discovered a toy she deemed ‘absurd’ in her chocolate egg.

While Rachael is not a mum herself, she contacted the confectionery company to complain that the miniature figurine of a rapper hidden inside the egg appeared to be making a rather rude gesture and was unsuitable for children.

Rachael shared a picture of the toy to Facebook, urging Ferrero to pull all eggs containing the character who is apparently “touching his genitals”.

“WTF is this?!” she wrote in a post shared by Kidspot.

“Children are exposed to this disgusting act – what has the world come to? It’s f**king disgusting and clearly we are desensitised to these sort of things”.

“F**ing Ferrero who owns Kinder needs to look at this sh*t.”

Rachael said that, even though she can see the funny side, she feels the company should stop making the character immediately.

“A toy grasping its genitals is simply not appropriate. Why not a toy with its arms in the air as it sings?”

A representative for Ferrero told Kidspot:

“Kinder’s rigorous respect for these standards is certified by several different international institutes, all recognised at an international level.

“Each toy is subjected to a long process involving designers, technicians, doctors, psychologists, legal experts and commercial managers, with the aim to offer children a great toy that is safe from every point of view.”

Image: Laura Aubusson


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