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24th Nov 2015

Facebook users warned over playing ‘Most Used Words’ quiz

Simon Lloyd

You might well have seen the ‘Most Used Words’ quiz doing the rounds on Facebook this week – it’s reached viral levels, clocking up millions of shares.

The problem is, it’s not made by Facebook – and a British tech website is now warning that users should be wary of similar content.

It was actually made by a company called, and it’s now being claimed that by taking part in the ‘quiz’, Facebook users could have inadvertently handed over personal details such as their name, profile picture and posts and likes.

Writing on Comparitech, Paul Bischoff says tat Vonvon could potentially be free to sell such information:

‘Vonvon is free to sell your data to whomever it pleases for a profit. Vonvon says it will not share personal information with third parties without permission, but just by playing the quiz you’ve technically given it permission.’

However, Vonvon has moved to allay any fears, describing such suggestions as being rumours, saying: ‘There are some false rumours that we are trying to capture people’s information so we can sell it to third parties.

‘We don’t really get any meaningful information when people uses our apps. And when they share it on their walls, it really doesn’t have much information about them.

‘People look at it as something fun. Most people just try to have a good time with it.’